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Easily Convert Live Audio and Video Streams into Podcasts and Rebroadcasts

Introducing SGrecast 2.0!

Roles and Permissions

Create accounts that can only do specific tasks. Need one person responsible for content uploading and another responsible for editing? We got you covered.

Improved Content Workflow

Content creation and management is a large focus of the 2.0 move. All content is accessible via one powerful dashboard.

Content Players

Easily create embeddable archive players and single-file players for all of your content.

Content API

Content creation and lookup via an SGrecast API is designed to integrate easily with your current workflow.

SGrecast 2.0 builds upon proven features:


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Podcast Player

Auto Generated Customizable Podcast and Archive Player

Content Management

Full Content Overview

Waveform Editor

Waveform Editor

Episode Player

Customizable podcast episode centric player layout

SGrecast Features Include:

Roles and Permissions
  • Users can be associated with custom Roles to limit system access
  • SGrecast features have granular permissions for add, edit, and removal
  • Customize user experience based on Roles
  • Manage multiple Podcast RSS feeds
  • Metadata support for Podcast channels and items
  • Automate episode creation with Sidechannel recordings
  • Fully iTunes compatible
  • Servable as Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing JSON feeds
  • Waveform editor support for marking ad insertion
  • Ad-marker support for on-demand pre/mid/post rolls
  • Maintain evergreen ad spots dynamic to each listen
Podcast Player
  • Easily embeddable as an iframe on your site
  • Customize your player's content and layout
  • Player automatically updates when new episodes are added
Episode Player
  • Episode focused player with subscribe support
  • Easily embeddable as an iframe on your site
  • Customizable theming for color, font, and experience
  • Audio support for Icecast AAC and MP3
  • Video support for HLS and RTMP
  • Record based on schedules or 24/7 with SGrecast's AudioLoggers
  • Scheduled broadcasting of content to any Icecast server in MP3 or AAC
  • Broadcast from system content or syndicate another live stream
Waveform Editor
  • Cut and repurpose exciting moments from recorded content
  • Mark Ad breaks and replacements for on-demand monetization
  • Easily share your content to Facebook, Twitter, and others
  • Users can share directly from the podcast player and SGplayer
Customizable Solutions
  • SGrecast API for content management
  • Podcasts servable as Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing JSON feeds
  • RSS import for easy migration into SGrecast
  • Automated Podcast and Sidechannel publishing via FTP
Dashboard Calendar
  • See future recordings and broadcasts to double check scheduling
  • View Sidechannels by the month, week, or day
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